(Soundtrack) 2014

(Book) 2016

Milton Hall was my high school art teacher, and the one who convinced me to pursue art in college. Without his suggestion, I would have focused on music or a general teaching career. The interesting thing about his support is that it came three years after we met, when I painted a guitar.
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It is not enough for a painting to be pretty when there is nothing else to say about it. Yet an idea worth presenting deserves an owner who is conscientious of quality standards.
The purpose of this book is to provide the commentary that is often absent from my art. An image will be presented and its contextual story will be on the facing page. Contents include Volumes One through Four and highlight my endeavors between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six (2003-2013.)
In addition to art and text, I have produced a music album entitled Lack of Pictures. It is a collection of music recorded in conjunction with Lack of Words.